Vaporizers come in a number of shapes and forms. In this article i’m going to tell you why dry herb vaporising is the only way that you should vape.

There are three main types of vaporisers. Oil vaporisers, vape pens and dry herb vaporisers.

Oil vaporisers and vape pens use oils which use synthetic ingredients such as propylene glycol. Use of propylene glycol can cause lipoid pneumonia. This is just one of many reasons why dry herb vaporising is better for you.

Dry herb vaporisers use dry herb so you get all the goodness without all the nasty shit added, leading to a way cleaner and healthier high.


Dry herb vaporising is very cost efficient versus traditional methods of consumption such as smoking. This is because it activates all of the cannabinoids in the dry herb. Meaning you’re investment will pay itself back very quickly.


Not only do the hits taste amazing without burning your throat, but they are also way better for you. Because dry herb vaporisers don't burn the herb they don't produce carcinogens that cause cancer to anywhere near the same extent as any other forming of smoking. Hence why it is the recommended way of consumption for medical use.


Chocolate Kush, Lemon Haze, Pineapple Express, Cherry Pie, Tangerine Dream are all delicious strains of herb. Through a dry herb vaporiser you get to taste all the different terpenes. This leads to a very different experience each and every time you get high.


Do you want to use less herb, and get better stronger hits? Do you want to have a cleaner more healthy way of inhaling? Do you want to taste the natural flavours of your flower?

Then dry herb vaporizing is what you need to try.

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Dry Herb Vaporiser

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